ISO International standards for medical devices

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International standards for medical devices

Jan 14, 2021

The human health aspect cannot be predicted, and it is impossible for us to accurately predict the course of events. The last year has demonstrated that medicine has a significant impact on not only the system in which it operates, but also on any other global systems, both financial and economic. The number of regulations governing this industry is increasing because there are more businesses and industries in the field. Below is a list of international standards that govern the manufacture and use of medical devices. This information can be a starting point for your company's development.

Standardization of electrical systems

Jun 21, 2021

Automation is being increasingly integrated into modern production processes and into organizations' management systems. However, most of the automation mechanisms in organizations and manufacturing companies cannot be modified without serious losses. All processes run smoothly because of this. Because the existence of multiple mechanical systems requires constant control over production activities, international standards are required to make it easier for each process to be implemented. We present to you some of the most important international ISO documents regarding electrical and mechanical systems.

International standardization in food production

Sep 3, 2021

Before the food industry was understood by individuals, it had been developing actively. Because any activity that involves human nutrition directly affects the safety of health-related processes, it is imperative to regulate the industry's safety. With the rapid development of technology that is designed to improve processes in the food industry, it's becoming increasingly important to have a wide range of international standards. This issue is a complex one. It involves the use of many equipment. Therefore, safety concerns must be addressed from the testing phase to the merchandise unharness stage. We strongly recommend that you have the following documents if your activity is directly or indirectly related to the food industry.

Metallic Materials - Small Punch Test Method

EN 10371/2021

Metal is used in many spheres of human activity, including production. Due to the variety of metals, it is necessary to create regulatory documents and technical recommendations for each type. This is why there are many regulatory documents today that regulate metal production and related activities. EN 10371: 2021 is one example of such an international standard. This document describes the small punch method for testing metallic materials, and how to estimate tensile creep, creep and fracture material properties at cryogenic temperatures. This International Standard regulates the production stages and test methods. You can visit our website to view a complete list of documents and get more information about specialized standards.

Determination the viscosity in dilute polymers principles

EN ISO 1628-1.2021

Sometimes, specific standards are created to address certain activities. However, there are still general and international standards. One example is EN ISO 1628-1:2021. This document outlines the conditions that can be used to determine the intrinsic viscosity, reduced viscosity, and K-value for organic polymers in dilute solutions. This document defines the standard parameters for viscosity measurement. This document serves to establish standards for measuring viscosities in the solution of different types of polymers. It can also be used to report and measure viscosities in solution of polymers for which there are no separate standards. This standard is general. We recommend you to follow the link to the site if you are interested in specific documents or subcategories of the previously described activities.

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